Bush Babies Children's Nurseries was established in 1992 and is run by Jane Brailsford. The Group consists of seven nurseries covering south, east and central Leicester, offering 435 child care places.

Bush Babies provide high quality nurseries that have welcoming, caring, safe and stimulating environments coupled with a broad range of educational opportunities for all children. We believe that each child is unique and should be given the opportunity to develop into a happy and confident individual, as well making your child's time with us happy and fun! 

Everyday is planned around each child's age and development enabling them to learn through their play.  We pride ourselves on building excellent relationships between children, parents and staff to ensure that your child's individual needs are fully met.  

The Group employs over 100 staff who are chosen for their all round knowledge, qualities and experience and have a range of qualifications including BA in Early Childhood Studies, Early Years Foundation Degree, Early Years Professional Status (EYP), NNEB, BTEC and NVQ's in child care.  All of our nurseries have a Early Years graduate who ensures that the care and education for your child is up to the current highest standards which reflects in our Local Authority Quality Reviews.

We always 'praise' for effort and not for achievement alone because we know effort is the real key to success.

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    Messy Play

    Lilac Bush | 23/10/14

    The babies have recently been doing lots of messy play and exploring with different materials and textures including different foods, craft materials and natural resources. They have thoroughly enjoyed being able to... 

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    Let’s discover in dinosaur land …

    Lilac Bush | 22/10/14

    The Raindrops room have created their own unique dinosaur land so that the children can explore and express their interests and thoughts. They collected their own natural resources by going on nature... 

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    Our baby chick experience

    Lilac Bush | 22/10/14

    The Lilac bush loved spending time and looking after the nine baby chicks that hatched. They came to live with us for just over a week and we very much enjoyed holding... 

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    Discovery Cove

    Gooseberry Bush | 10/10/14

    We now have a Discovery Cove. In this room we have a climbing frame, lava lamps,  a tent, computers and a wide range of sensory toys....