The Mulberry Bush opened in 2006. It is a bright, friendly and welcoming nursery which has three spacious rooms all on one level.  

There are many learning opportunities, exploration and adventure for babies, toddlers and pre-school children.  Each room is a hub of activity, allowing children to be busy developing and learning new skills throughout their day.

"Sound partnerships with parents are in place. The children are happy and they share warm relationships with staff and their peers. Therefore, they are confident and settled within their surroundings" Ofsted 2014. 

The children can choose, where possible, to play outdoors in our wonderful play area.  This adventure area offers a variety of activities and children can explore and extend their physical skills and experiences whilst being in the open air - there is a castle to discover; go on a bug hunt; tend to our vegetable patch and play on the trim-trail.  The babies have their own covered play area too.  Here they have space to crawl and toddle in a safe environment, whilst developing their new physical skills.

Our Discovery Zone is a place where the children can experience the world of IT and engage their sensory skills.  The colourful interactive world is a place where the children's imagination and creativity is developed.  There are touch screens, hands-on equipment and sensory activities. 

"Staff provide fun activities that include the prime and specific areas of learning" Ofsted 2014

If you would like more information or would like to have a look around, please call in - we are situated on Troon Way Business Centre, on Humberstone Lane.  Or you can email or call
0116 222 3377 and we will be happy to help. 

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